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Our story

Everything important in life as a story behind it. With Supermoon was the same. A story that starts with the love for shapes and colors, for pixels and papers, but above all for the love of doing it better.

Day by day that love took shape into a dream and created a digital agency. It took some time to grow, like all, right? but now more than ever is ready to do some magic.

Supermoon has roots on Mafra but is spreading to several places like Algarve or Alentejo (that recently stole our hearts!) In an ideal world you could almost say that we follow the sun, like Xavier Rudd sings (in fact it could be the soundtrack for this).

The heart of Supermoon it’s Mónica.

Designer and dreamer. The one that has always that feeling and goes with it, that drives insane with the new handwriting font or the new battle between facebook or tik tok.

The technical mind is Hugo. The one that builds clouds for that dreams, or knows all passwords and does all the right connections.

Together they make Supermoon.

make it simple, but significant.

 Don Draper, Creative Director Manhattan Sterling Cooper

empresa digital Mónica Eleuterio


With more than 20 years in the communication field, still loves playing with colors, shapes, and bringing up to live clean and clear concepts. Specialized in graphic design, branding and digital but what makes her happy is working with food.

empresa digital Hugo


His background in Mechanical engineering comes from his fascination with machines and knowing how everything works. Naturally curious, makes him a natural connoisseur on many subjects. Lives by the motto: if there is one thing that mathematics tells us is that everything has a solution.



and they are like the notebooks… never enough.


Fonts installed

All excuses are used to still search for something new


New notebooks

Is there anything better than starting a new page?


Cups a day

We shut down everything and have our moment.

Our services

If you need some advice or diagnose on your brand, feel free to contact us. We have a special price for that.

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