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merry christmas and happy new year 2021

Less presents but more present

This year's word? Time. Our "tradition" this year would be giving time to family, friends, neighbors and us. That’s our best present.

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organization tool called trello

List of lists

One of these tools (and my favorite!) is Trello, a project management tool that allows us to keep clients and tasks organized. As a freelancer, you…

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Lemons and a man to make lemonade for you

Got an newsletter email on my inbox today with this: In your business… When life gives you lemons… invent a man to make lemonade for you. This is the…

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best design book

Work for Money, Design for Love

Can you magine all those talks with doubts, stories and answers with your friends while having a coffee or drink? Well, this is all about that! By…

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