Less presents but more present

Less presents but more present.

It’s that time of year, as Olaf sings, indeed. (If by any chance, you don’t know who Olaf is [you don’t have kids for sure!] or Elsa and Anna and amazing story click Frozen)

By now we all should be finishing our plans for the next few days to gather with family, sharing presents and wishes and getting that traditional family moments of pure laziness but these pandemic times are not making our life easier.

For everyone, trying to maintain that old same way of living it’s having a huge impact these days. The families are trying to organize all in a safe way, the shops are hoping for one last opportunity to stay on budget.

The last months showed us that more than ever we need to be family and with family.

We have to care for each other and still connect with our friends and the question that remains is: what can we make different?

I believe that it is time to: less presents but be more present. 

Time for family. Why not make that group call or go for a quick visit to your grandmother, even if that means to wave her by the street. Maybe going to the grocery for your parents? Do you have a lemon tree? Then grab some lemons and share with your neighbor. Life as we know it has changed and inevitably we also changed. So let’s try to bring the good side of it.

In our house, for the last year that we are trying to get the best of two worlds. We’re doing more online but the time spare it’s invested in playing more with our kids or having a walk together by the afternoon.

You could almost say that this year’s word will be time.

So our tradition this year will be giving time. That’s our best present.

Of course there are some things that never change like all the radios shouting Christmas music (not a big fan, sorry) you don’t need to scroll much to find the usual fuzz about Christmas and new year’s. That’s a tradition I believe won’t fail no matter what.

  1. Youtube gives us the top10 most watched videos
  2. Pantone shares with the world not one but the two new colours of the year and it’s yellow as a message of strength and hopefulness and grey because there’s no light without darkness.
  3. New york times gives us The best 50 tv shows on Netflix
  4. Every day you spot one more video about huggs, family, wishes but I almost cried when I got to see this one

My special wish? A Jolly, merry, happy, holly Christmas and all the best for 2021.

As Olaf says It’s up to you. Up to me.


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