Lemons and a man to make lemonade for you

Got an newsletter email on my inbox today with this:

“In your business… When life gives you lemons… invent a man to make lemonade for you. This is the story of two women entrepreneurs who invented a fake male co founder and learned some pretty interesting things.”

And then there’s a link, off course.

This is the typical situation that separates the world by two kind of people.

The ones that are going with their lives, indifferent, like nothing happened and the others… like me (I know)… that automatically get all bells ringing and simply have to click otherwise I won’t stop thinking what’s on that link! What’s the catch? There’s a saying in Portugal: Curiosity will kill the cat. Well, think of me, like a big cat and already dead.

But I’m glad I clicked (if you’re like me, here it is. Click! have fun).

Penelope Gazin, Kate Dwyer, and Keith Mann (from here) made my day for a second. After that, you see that it’s a funny way to report a serious problem in our society.

Let’s face the facts: who has not yet been confronted in some way by this type of sexism?

The technological world, the working world, whatever the area, is sexist.

We may be much better now, but we still have a long way to go.

Got me thinking, I don’t need to create a male founder, I have one (Hugo, yes, it’s you), but who doesn’t should it be the next step, just to get serious feedback?


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