Work for Money, Design for Love

On the other day, stumbled to this site, Logo Design Love, and suddenly discovered there’s a bestselling book with the same name.

If you’ve just started your own design studio, (ours is recent, you can read more about it in here ) or are thinking about it, this book was written for you: Work for Money, Design for Love.

How do I find new clients? How much should I charge for my design work? When should I say no to a client? How do I handle difficult clients? What should I be sure to include in my contracts?

Can you imagine all those talks with doubts, stories with your friends while having a coffee or drink (in this case it could be also a lemonade!) Well, this is all about that!

This guide from Logo Design Love author and international designer David Airey it’s all about that. the book was inspired by the many questions David receives every day from who visit his 3 blogs (Logo Design Love, Identity Designed, and

I love to read and don’t do it as much as I should. But the idea for now it’s to keep reading and not losing the habit. It was a book that gave me confidence and a bit extra knowledge needed.

By far the best book for anyone about to or currently on an independent design path!

And about you? Have you read it?


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